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Smart Reports & Dashboards
Our BI Practice comprises of one of the best talents in creating industry leading applications for reproting and dashboarding. We posses in-depth experience developing intuitive, highly interactive and customized dashboards for our customers, our technologiy/tools expertise spans across Cognos, Tablue, Microsoft Power BI & QlikView .
Data visualization
With enormous amount of data generated from both inside and outside of organizations, Data visualization becomes most critical for transaction visibility and tracebility. Data visualization allows organizations to uncover hidden opportunities from the large and complex data through a simple and intuitive multi-faceted views. We at Cross Sence have deep expertise in creating most optimal and efficient Data visualization applications and related frameworks. Our strong expertise in industry leading UI / UX capabilities compliment our end-to-end solutions for visualization.
Relational Modeling
Real-time decision-making based on information within organizations is very key in the Digital age. Using relational model bases is one the best ways for such use-cases. At Cross Sense We have helped several organizations to create models to improve operational decision, automating manual transition to dynamic (vs. forecast-driven) and resource allocation decisions etc. Our BI / Modeling expertise offer development of new generation of DSS applications which can be applied to extend preemptive decision making across many industries.

Our deep expertise on relational modeling and related area can help our customers via our accumulated knowledge pertaining to DSS and also can examine innovations that push forward into new territories.
When it comes to analysis of multi-dimentional data OLAP CUBES are the most commonly used designs. We help our customers implement scalable & easyly maintainable OLAP Cubes. Our OLAP design priciples ensure that all the modules/components of OLAP solution meets end-users business requirements and allow them to locate and analyze the information effectively.