leveraging big data for business transformation

Lifecycle Models
We help customers design & build Models backed by predictive analysis that can prepare organizations for the future. Predictive models draw on relevant datasets to pinpoint specific prospects who are most likely to convert and identify what they’re most inclined to buy. Predictive analytics helps categorize customers along with suggestions/recomendations to retain them.
Sales & Marketing Models
Our Data experts help our customers to build sophisticated marketing models which can collect, aggregate & integrate data from multiple data sources to enables more accurate decision making, low error rate, and effective implementation of sales & marketing activities.
Administrative & Operational Models
Administrative & Operational decisions are very critical for any organization, we help customers to build solutions that can analysis large volumes of structured and unstructured data can help improve operationl efficiencies to a large extent. Such transformation applications improves decision making, lowers costs & bring sustainable growth.
Models for Fraud & Risk Management
The trend over last decade was an explosion of data on the internet, small & large enterprises. It's a challange to monitor every event, transaction or movement of data/information. We have extenssive experience in working with fraud and risk mitigation data models which employ far-reaching analytics to detect irregularities resulting from fraud, as well as identify high-risk activities in banking & financial institutions