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Data Analytics implementations need a well thought-out plan to Solve Business Problems, Determine a Path Forward, and Choose Best Technology, we help our customers in this jounrney



Certified & Industry Experienced developers who can build your Data Analytics applications and Solutions to fit you business needs for now and future ready



Smooth Upgrades, Application Maintenance, Loading Optimization, Fixing Bugs/Issues are critical aspects of IT operations, we assist our customers on 24/7 support services

Big Data and Analytics
We blend Data Science/ Analytics with a business focused strategic outlook to ensure our clients achieve ROI from their various analytics initiatives
Maturity Assessment of Analytics Solutions
We assist your customers to understand their current applications & solutions on analytics maturity, and provides a comprehensive data and analytics roadmap to develop a culture of data-driven decision making
Advanced Analytics
As part of our main Data Strategy we incorporate data science, machine learning, data mining, forecasting, and simulations to offer predictive capabilities to bring direct business value to our customers
Data Engineering
Our Center Of Excellence (CoE) for Data Engineering, involves gathering and combining data from various sources and building data assets to facilitate analytics that supports decision making based on Cognitive computing and related solutions
Business Intelligence
BI solutions and frameworks are very critical for any organization in today's growing data demands, via our thnought leadership & industry experience we empower our customers to quickly discover and gain insights from their business data. Our key offerings includes Ad-hoc and Insightful Reporting, Intelligent Dashboards, Data Visualization, OLAP Cube Design and Implementation.
Process Automation
We do end-to-end implemntations of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We help our customers with the identification of various business flows/processes. We help customers to create various artificacts such as Functional Requirements, Technical requirements and detailed RIO metrics reporting. These reports greatly help in making right decisions and a roadmap for RPA innitiatives. The outcome of this phase will decide how many number of Attended & Un-Attended BOTS would be required to automate the identified business process flows.